About Us

BITE BOARD is a local Calgary delivery service.

We will deliver your groceries, pick up your alcohol, and bring your take out to you.

We will pick up from your local markets, community health food stores, and all big box grocery chains.

We will stop by your neighborhood drug store and swing by for your pet food.

Save yourself the trip and let us deliver to you!


We deliver groceries, alcohol, and more!

We are available Monday-Saturday from  8am-6pm.

How it works:

Send us your order through the grocery or alcohol section on our website. Grocery orders have to be in the day/night before delivery.

Submit your list specifying the store, quantities, and brands. The more detail the better!

We will cover all purchases up to $200.

A text message of your receipt will be sent so you may have payment amount ready.

Upon delivery, we require FULL PAYMENT for cost of items, plus OUR DELIVERY FEE.

Our delivery rate starts at $35. This rate includes a, $20 delivery fee and a $15 hourly fee for the first 2 hours of shopping.

If your shopping takes longer than 2 hours, it will be an additional $15 per hour.

In addition, strictly an alcohol delivery, will now be at a rate of $20 per delivery.

Due to the current PANDEMIC, we are ONLY ACCEPTING E-TRANSFERS FOR  NOW.  Online payments will soon be available by debit/credit card.


We are members of COSTCO and can fulfill BULK ORDERS!! For shoppers preference of SAVE ON FOODS we have a MORE REWARDS CARD that provides discounts on grocery totals!!

For all alcohol delivery, a Government issued, photo I.D. will be checked before any exchange is made.  You must be 18 years of age or older to take advantage of our alcohol delivery.

We deliver to all areas of Calgary.

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Let us deliver to you!

Discover the convenience of getting everything you need, delivered to your front door.